About the Clinic

Lucille Palmer (pictured) is the Practice Principal of Thorpe Bay Physiotherapy, which has been operating since 1980 in the residential area of a large commuter town.

The practice is home based, offering continuity of staff and service in comfortable and relaxed surroundings, but with two specialist treatment areas used exclusively for the treatment of patients. Only one patient is treated at a time.

A general physiotherapy service is practised, but with expertise in the following areas:

  • spinal related conditions
  • sports injuries
  • womens' health care
  • paediatric conditions

A domiciliary service is also available. There are four other Chartered Physiotherapists doing sessional work and one receptionist based in the waiting room.

At present we average approximately one hundred treatments per week, Mon - Fri and Saturday mornings, offering late sessions at least two evenings per week. We have good communications with local G.P.s and specialists.

We are recognised by all good medical insurance companies, and can make significant improvement with acute conditions in 4 to 5 sessions.