About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a health care profession directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function. Physiotherapists, also known as physical therapists, have a detailed understanding of how the body works and are university educated and trained to assess and improve movement and function and relieve pain. Physiotherapists promote good health by encouraging their patients to improve and increase their independence.

A Chartered Physiotherapist is trained to treat the whole body by correcting and improving the body's own natural healing mechanisms, without the use of drugs or medication unless prescribed by your doctor: a holistic approach.

Physiotherapy can play a vital part in pain relief, healing and rehabilitation in most medical and surgical conditions. On our "Conditions Treated" page you will be able to find details of conditions where physiotherapy has shown to be very beneficial.

The Chartered Physiotherapist will examine the nature and actual site of the problem and relate it to your whole person before making a diagnosis. After full consultation with you, and where appropriate with your doctor, the Chartered Physiotherapist will decide on the best form of treatment to be undertaken.

All members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, (known as "Chartered Physiotherapists", and having the designatory letters "MCSP" after their name), and State Registered Physiotherapists ("SRP"), have undergone the required training and passed the necessary state recognised examinations to enable them to practice within the National Health Service or in Private Practice.

Anyone can receive private treatment from a Chartered Physiotherapist in Private Practice. Most private medical insurance schemes provide cover for physiotherapy only when it is given by a Chartered and/or State Registered Physiotherapist.

You don't necessarily have to be referred by a doctor. You may consult a Chartered Physiotherapist without a doctor's referral, but contact will usually be maintained between your GP and Physiotherapist. Chartered Physiotherapists work in close co-operation with general practitioners in much the same way as consultants do, and this relationship is to the ultimate benefit of the patient.